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Nancy E. Hardt



Vital Statistics provides birth and death records for those who were born or died within our City limits. This includes Bath-on-the-Hudson, Greenbush, East Albany and the City of Rensselaer. All records are maintained under the guidelines and requirements of New York State Department of Health. The Registrar and other employees deal with relatives, funeral homes, hospitals, social services agencies and others in providing accurate and legal documents. The office also makes documented corrections to certificates, can issue various certificates upon proof of entitlement under New York State Public Health law and also issues burial and disposition permits. Individuals needing copies of any of these certificates can obtain them by coming to City Hall and presenting the proper identification. Fees are $10.00 per copy for birth, death and genealogical records.

Birth records can only be released to the person themselves once they are 18 years old, a parent listed on the birth record, a lawful representative or by court order. Birth records are not public records and New York State Public Health Law protects their confidential nature. A birth record, for those people born within the City limits, also can be requested by mail, under the same restrictions mentioned above. All those wishing to obtain a birth certificate must supply the full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth, father's name, mother's name including maiden name, and be able to prove their identity and verify the purpose for which the certificate is being requested.

A copy of a death record for a person who has died within the City limits can be requested by coming into our office. Death records are not public records and New York State Public Health Law protects their confidential nature. The deceased's spouse, parent, child or lawful representative with proper identification can request certified copies. All other persons must have proof of why they need the death certificate as well as identification. A certified copy of a death record of a person who died in this City also can be requested by mail. Requestors must provide the name of the deceased, date of death, place of death, date of birth, age, parent's names, the deceased's social security number, be able to verify their relationship, the purpose for requesting the certificate and provide identification.

Under State mandated guidelines, we can also assist in genealogy research. A death record must be on file for 50 years before it can be accessed for genealogy. A birth record must be on file for 75 years and the person must be known to be deceased. The time limits specified above can be waived if the person who is making the request has proof of direct lineage to give proof of their relationship (grandparent, parent, child) to the person whose record is being requested.