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5/4/2018 4:00:00 PM

Bigge Crane & Rigging Co. will be heavy hauling (45) superloads for a (3) Unit combined cycle/gas fired power plant, Cricket Valley Energy Center Project, for GE from the Port of Rensselaer to the plant, just South of Dover Plains, NY


Due to NYSDOT bridge construction on SR-9/20 on the Rensselaer hill this year, Bigge will not be able to utilize the primary truck route out of the Port of Rensselaer (Riverside to Irwin Stewart Port Expressway).  After exhausting any other route options, Bigge will have to haul these loads from the Port of Rensselaer North on Riverside Ave/Broadway, turn East on 3rd Avenue/SR-151, turn South on SR-4, turn Southeast on SR-9/20 to New Lebanon, and turn South on SR-22 to the power plant.

Bigge will start hauling around the mid-May 2018 and finish in December 2018.  To be able to safely cross the many bridges along the route, all transport trailers are a minimum of 18’-0” wide loaded and 18’-0” wide empty for the return trip.  Bigge is estimating that it will take (2) shifts to transport the loaded pieces over the ~90-mile route and (2) shifts to return the empty trailer.  During the first approximately (3) months of the hauling, Bigge will be utilizing (2) separate transporters.  We are planning to stagger the start night from the Port with these transports.  Heavy hauls out of the Port are estimated to begin around 9:00 PM and can only occur on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  The transports should be through the residential areas by 10:00 PM on the heavy haul nights.

Rensselaer Preparations and Issues:

To support these heavy hauls, there will be:  tree limb pruning, raising of communication and some power lines, minor temporary modifications at corner(s) to allow for clear access along the route.  As Riverside Ave/Broadway St and 3rd Avenue/SR-151 have some areas of residential parking, the following steps will need to happen:

  1. Prior to 8:00 pm on the nights listed above, residents living along the straight away segments of these streets should ensure that they are parked within 6” of the respective curb to safely allow the large transporter to move between the (2) rows of parked cars.  Please fold in the street side mirrors after parking.

  2. Some residents that park in the minor bend along these streets will need to seek alternative parking on the nights listed above, because the trailer will need this additional room to navigate these minor corners

  3. For (9) of the largest loads starting in July, parking will likely not be allowed on one side of the street as the transporter will be 22’-6” wide for these loads.


Bigge in conjunction with the City of Rensselaer will be holding a community meeting on May 9, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Rensselaer City Hall to further discuss this project and to answer any questions that you might have. 


Bigge, GE and the City of Rensselaer will make every reasonable attempt to minimize the disruption of everyday life to the residents of the City of Rensselaer to complete this project that will new industry to the region.  I would like to thank you in advance for your patience during this project.

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