December 31, 2019, 10:42 am

The improvements include:

·         Installation of a new, state of the art, green infrastructure, storm water system. This system will treat storm water collected on East Street from Partition to Herrick and from the CDTA parking area prior to discharge to the Quackenderry Creek. This work included installation of a new bio-retention area and permeable pavement in the parking area.
·         Installation of 7,000 ft. of new granite curb.
·         2,500 ft. of new concrete sidewalk.
·         Mill and fill from Partition to Second Avenue.
·         765 ft. of new 8” water main.
·         1,032 ft. of new ¾ inch copper water services.
·         Five new fire hydrants.
·         Repaired 200 ft. of existing sanitary sewer line.
·         Installed 700 ft. of new sanitary sewer line with new services where needed.
·         Lined 2,900 ft. of existing sanitary sewer. No excavation required.
·         Lined 14 sanitary sewer manholes. No excavation required.
·         Installed 4 new sanitary sewer manholes.
·         Separated out all of the storm water from the sanitary system allowing for 1 CSO to be closed.
·         Installed a new signal at East and Herrick will all new pedestrian features.
·         Eliminated the signal at East and Willow.
·         Modified the signal at East and Partition to incorporate newest pedestrian features.
·         Installed new handicapped features at every location required.