The  City  of  Rensselaer’s  Economic  Development  Loan  Program  (“Loan  Program”)  is  designed  
to  offer below-market rate loans(prime rate, fixed at closing) to eligible City businesses to encourage 
local economic growth. Monies for this purpose have been appropriated through the City’s Community 
Development Block Grant/Small Cities Program, as well as through the repayment of previous loans. 
It is anticipated that the loan program will be instrumental in retaining and attracting 
businesses, creating new jobs, and expanding the City’s tax base.

The   Program   is   administered   on   behalf   of   the   City   of   Rensselaer   Economic   
Development   Loan Committee (“the Committee”) by a five (5) member loan committee as prescribed in 
Chapter 28 of the City Code. The by-laws of the Committee shall reflect the provisions set forth in 
Section 28 of the City
Code Section §28-1 to §28-5.


Click Here for Economic Development Loan Program Fact Sheet                 Click here for Economic Development Loan Guidelines

City of Rensselaer Economic Loan Application