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The members of the unit have completed training in the operations of the various vehicles they employ.  The unit is responsible to patrol the hillsides and the mountains that encompass the City of Rensselaer.  The lands that adjoin the Hudson River are rugged, steep and not easily accessible to the normal patrol vehicle. Our mission is to patrol these hillsides and conduct any criminal investigation that we may encounter and provide enforcement within this rugged terrain.

In addition, the unit works during any special details or events which require police presence in areas where the normal patrol vehicle cannot access such as patrolling the Hollow, any of the many Rensselaer City School District functions, parades etc. Under mutual aid agreements our unit will also assist other municipalities  

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Bicycle Unit

In 2005, the Rensselaer Police Department started a Mountain Bike Unit as a means to patrol the many parks and conservation lands in the city. The unit was so successful and well received by the citizens of Rensselaer that it was expanded, and bike unit officers are now seen throughout the community. Deployment of these bike officers varies depending on staff availability. The bike patrol unit is seasonal and generally operates from mid-May until fall, on both day and evening shifts.

The Rensselaer Police Department uses police mountain bike patrols as a part of its community policing efforts. Having police officers on bicycles allows officers to patrol areas that are difficult to get to and, makes for a very approachable police officer. Bike patrol officers can be seen on daily patrols, as well as assisting with special events. Members of the bike unit also can give presentations to local school children on bike safety and the importance of wearing a helmet.

For more information on the Rensselaer Police Department's Mountain Bike Unit, please contact Deputy Chief Warren Famiglietti at 518-462-7451.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is the recipient of a grant from the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee for the purpose of reducing crashes and increasing the safety of the motoring public. This is done through the participation in initiatives such as Police Traffic Service grant and the Click It or Ticket initiative. 

Another primary function of the Traffic Safety Unit is prevention, detection, and apprehension of impaired drivers. All officers assigned to the Traffic Safety Assignments receive specialized training in DWI Enforcement. Saturation DWI patrols as well as DWI Checkpoints are conducted regularly throughout the year. In addition, the Rensselaer Police Department includes one trained officer as a Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) who are specially trained to detect drivers who are impaired on substances other than alcohol.

SMART Trailer Deployment

In addition to manned traffic units, the team deploys the SMART (Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer) trailer in neighborhoods, school zones, construction zones, and other locations to help promote compliance with the speed limit. The SMART trailer is an unmanned portable, self-contained speed display unit that is towed to the desired location. Once deployed, it displays speeds of oncoming vehicles on a highly visible LED display. This unit also has the capability to record the speed data. The SMART trailer is well-received by the public, and gives drivers the opportunity to see how fast they are actually going and slow down, without receiving a citation.

Car Seat Unit

The Rensselaer Police Department, in conjunction with the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and the National Highway Safety Administration, offers, at no cost to the general public, child safety seat installations and safety checks on an appointment basis.
The Department has four certified car seat technicians in the unit.  Our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will assist with the proper installation of child safety seats. Our technicians will look for improperly installed, broken or recalled safety seats and will demonstrate and explain to parents and caregivers about the proper selection, installation, and use of car seats, booster seats, and proper use of seatbelts. In addition there are 3-4 scheduled Child Seat Safety checks that will be scheduled throughout the year. Please check the events calendar. 

If the Child Passenger Safety Technician inspecting the safety seat discovers the seat is on the federal recall list, has been involved in an accident, or determines for some reason the seat should not be used, the family attending the event will receive a free child safety seat.
For more information about the program or to schedule an appointment please call at 518-462-7451 and ask for the Child Seat Unit