The City of Rensselaer Planning Commission meets monthly on the second Monday at 6:30 PM (if there is business pending).  An annual schedule is available here.

Application materials are due in the Planning Office three weeks in advance of the meeting.

The Planning Commission consists of six members who are city residents appointed by the Mayor to terms of three years.  The list of Planning Commission members may be viewed by clicking the membership link on this webpage.

Read "The Role of the Layman in Planning", by Carl J. Mays.

Comprehensive Plan

In 2005, the Planning Commission adopted a set of Land Use and Development Goals intended to guide its future decisions for the beneficial growth and redevelopment of the City.  The adopted plan, future land use map, and appendices are listed below.

Comprehensive Plan 2006

Future Land Use Map

Appendix A

Existing Conditions

Appendix B

Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Design Guidelines

Riverfront Park Overview

Riverfront Park Details

Appendix C

North Broadway Corridor Study

North Broadway Part A

North Broadway Part C

North Broadway Part D

Appendix D

Short Term Guide


MS4 Annual Report