Building Department Hours:  8:00 AM  - 4:00 PM  M-F
Phone: (518) 465-1693
Fax:  (518) 462-0890

Tim Lippert - Building and Zoning Department Administrator [email protected]

David Ellis – Code Enforcement Officer   [email protected]

Bill DiCicco - Code Enforcement Officer  [email protected]

Rachel Love - Senior Clerk      For General Inquiries and Questions Please Email  Rachel at    [email protected]                                                                

The Building Department issues building permits and conducts inspections under the locally adopted International Building Code, enforces the local Zoning Code, conducts inspections to issue Certificates of Occupancy, and conducts construction site inspections under the local Erosion & Sediment Control law.

Building Permits are required for all structural, roof, and siding work as well as certain types of repair work.  Residents are encouraged to contact the department to determine if their project will require a permit.  Homeowners and Contractors will be asked to demonstrate proof of insurance before being issued a permit.

Typical turn-around time for a building permit is 7 to 10 days.

Please be advised that building department requires at least 24 hours notice before scheduling a building inspection.

If you are looking to do work on your existing city home, plan new construction, or are relocating a business to our city, please contact our office so we can assist you with our local rules and application procedures.