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Office Hours
8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Monday – Friday
(With the exception of New York State Holidays)
62 Washington Street
Rensselaer, New York 12144
Phone: (518) 462-9511 
Fax: (518) 462-9895

Michael Stammel, Mayor
Erica A. Jackson, Confidential Secretary to Mayor


John A. Spath, Esq., Deputy Corporation Counsel

THE VETERAN BANNER PROGRAM IS NOW BEING ADMINISTERED THROUGH THE MAYOR'S OFFICE                                                                                         click here for more information on the program and to view the application

The Mayor’s position in the City of Rensselaer is a four year elected term.

General Powers and Duties of the Mayor:

  • General Executive officer of the City.
  • To see that the city departments, boards, commissions and officers faithfully perform their duties.
  • Maintains peace and good order within the City using the powers and resources at his command.
  • Is vigilant and active in causing the laws of the State and the ordinance of the Common Council to be executed and enforced within the City.
  • Reports to Common Council a statement of the finances and general condition of the affairs of the City, with such recommendation in relation thereto as he may deem proper.
  • Give such information in relation to the same as the Common Council may from time to time require.
  • Receive and examine complaints against any city officer for neglect of duties or malfeasance in office and immediately present the same to the Common Council.
  • Has the power and authority to call out and command the police and firemen of the City, including the Chief Executive Officers thereof, whenever, in his discretion, he shall deem it necessary.
  • When he deems necessary, call together the heads of the departments, boards, commissions and officers of the City for consultation and advice in relation to the City affairs. The City Clerk shall attend such meeting and make a record of its transactions and keep such record in her office.
  • Execute all deeds made by the City and cause to be affixed thereto the City Seal, except tax deeds.
  • Has the authority at all times to examine records of any department, board, commission, office, officer or employee.
  • Holds position of Chairman of the Board of Public Safety.
  • Marriage Officer of the City of Rensselaer. Performs marriage ceremonies by appointment only. Can only perform marriages within the City of Rensselaer.