The Rensselaer Common Council represents the residents of the City of Rensselaer as the legislative body responsible for setting the governing policies of the city. The Council adopts the City budget and passes laws, policies and regulations that govern the City. It is made up of 6 elected officials, one representing each ward, and is chaired by the Common Council President, who is elected citywide.  Its leadership includes the President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader.  It is our job to work cooperatively with the Mayor and the City administration to insure that tax dollars are responsibly spent and that all residents have access to the services and programs that make urban living safe, affordable and desirable.

The Common Council meets the first and third Wednesday of each month in the City Court Chambers at City Hall. Doors to City Hall open at 6:15PM. The formal meeting begins at 6:30PM.  A public comment period, is the first item of business that starts at 6:30 pm.  Court Room space is limited as  each attendee must use the seats that have been allotted.  No additional seating can be added. Speakers are requested to keep their remarks to Five minutes per Resolution #2 of April 16, 2008 and to keep their remarks to agenda items only. Individuals may sign up in the court room at anytime to speak before the opening of the session.  Speakers will be called in the order they are signed up to speak on agenda items.

Agendas and Meeting minutes

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Common Council Members


JIM VANVORST 1ST WARD ALDERPERSON 518-461-2061 [email protected]

ERNEST DAMBROSE 2ND WARD ALDERPESON 518-527-4950 [email protected]  

BRYAN LEAHEY 3RD WARD ALDERPERSON 518-330-0657 [email protected]

ANDREW KRETZSCHMAR 4TH WARD ALDERPERSON 518-596-9223 [email protected]

ERIC ENDRES 5TH WARD ALDERPERSON 518-265-5711 [email protected]

ANNE BURTON 6TH WARD ALDERPERSON 518-283-3499 [email protected]